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Who we are?

Fantastic food starts with wild-caught seafood, and when it’s hauled from Mediterranean waters, it’s beyond compare. We can ensure quality and supply and we’re always innovating in many ways—growing our already long line of MSC-certified products. Cap saisons want you to understand and get to know our capabilities and the goodwill this company has earned over the years, this goodwill we earned hasn't come with ease but has been earned with every battle we have fought together as a team with unity to conquer every difficult and impossible mission and today we are proud to let everyone know that we have Alas! climbed the ladder of success.

What we do ?

Since 2009, CAP SAISONS has grown to become one of the food industry’s leading resources for products that are superior. We have become one of the major sources of Asian Blue Swimming Crab. Our goal is helping you thrill your customers with delicious, healthy seafood at a great value, whether you're a manufacturer, broadliner, retailer, or restaurant chain. Our passion is to provide premium quality products while remaining flexible enough to accommodate any request. CAP SAISONS takes pride in its products and strives for customer satisfaction. We have a large selection of frozen Mediterranean seafood.